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NMW has been in the business of manufacturing innovative metal products for the building and construction industry since 2001. During that time, NMW has established a reputation for quality, integrity and service. Developing products applicable to the changing requirements and improvements in building industry, NMW’s Partner – TMI – has a new state of art metal doors manufacturing facility.

Fire rated and Non-Fire rated steel doors are available in different configurations for commercial, residential, industrial and institutional buildings, based on the functional needs and economical considerations.

Our Doorsets are tested in accordance with British Standard BS 476 Part 22 at Warrington Certification Limited UK and certified by Certifire.

Our quality products range from standard steel doors and frame profiles, to special custom designs for various architectural and engineering applications. Several types of doors are available for different needs, and play a very important role in a building´s fire resistance; allow people to evacuate safely from a building or fire areas, while limiting the spread of fire. Fire doors serve as a regular door, while protecting life and property by reducing fire hazards.

  • Technical Schedule: TS12 Hinged or Pivoted Fire Resisting Pedestrian Type Doorsets with Metallic Leaves and Frames.
  • Certificate of Approval No. CF 705
    • Product: Mineral Fibre Cored Steel Doors
  • Certificate of Approval No. CF 706
    • Product: Paper Honeycomb Cored Steel Doors

Certificate number CF705 and CF706 on Warrington Certification (Serial no.10 in the list)

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